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SVEX Bajra Flour (Kambu Mavu) – 500g

  • Finely processed into flour from kambu/pearl millet
  • High fiber and magnesium content
  • Controls cholesterol and sugar level
  • A detoxing food for heart, stroke, diabetic or cancer patients

SVEX Jowar (Corn) Flour – 500g

  • Finely processed from corn
  • Healthiest food in the world
  • Contains high fibre and helps fight from free-radicals
  • High iron and calcium for immunity and red blood cells
  • Gluten free

SVEX Ragi Flour (500g)

  • Finely grounded from ragi or known as finger millet to flour
  • Helps repair wear and tear of cells due to its high protein content
  • Low glycemic index (GI) and high fiber
  • Controls and balance physical stress

SVEX Rice Flour 500g

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